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Online Services
Sydney Lawyers & Co provide an online service where clients can interact with our online lawyers when they want and how they want at a fraction of the cost. Online users will have an option to select from a range of memberships that will best suit their needs based on their enquiry. Online Services are best suited and recommended for clients that prefer access to online and flexible legal solutions.

Find out how it works:

Speak to our online lawyer by clicking on the Login icon on the left of the screen and our legal support team will step you through memberships in more details Memberships are highly recommended to individuals and businesses that are wanting to reduce costs whilst implementing efficient legal solutions for their individual or business needs. Members gain access to our 24/7 online legal team as well as on demand legal documents. Members will also benefit from discounted legal fees should they require legal representation in future matters.

Members will have access to:

- 24/7 Online support
- Discounts on legal fees

Access to Legal documents including but not limited to: Employment Contracts, Commercial Leases, Deeds of Release, Confidentiality Agreements, Wills , Letter of demands and more

- Instant legal advice 24/7
- Telephone support 24/7
- Seminars and legal resources
Legal Representation
Sydney Lawyers provide legal representation in all courts and tribunals including:

- All Local Courts across Sydney (including local Downing Centre)
- Children’s Court (Parramatta)
- District Court (City Downing Centre & Parramatta)
- Federal Circuit Court of Australia (City & Parramatta)
- Family Court of Australia (City & Parramatta)
- Supreme Court of New South Wales
- High Court of Australia

Clients will have peace of mind that their case will handled by the most experienced and senior lawyers at Sydney Lawyers & Co. Clients will also have access to Sydney’s most sought after barristers ensuring that they have access to the best legal representation in Sydney. Barrister Chambers that clients can instruct include but are not limited to the following chambers:

- Sir Owen Dixon Chambers
- Martin Place Chambers
- Jack Shand Chambers
- Blackstone Chambers
- Wentworth Chambers
- Arthur Phillip Chambers
and more

For the full list of Chambers click here.

Be confident, that your legal team has the experience and expertise to get the job done. There is a reason why we are Sydney’s most recommended lawyers.
Criminal Law
Sydney Lawyers & Co have been representing some of the City's most notorious crimes as well as some of the most trivial matters over the years. Regardless of whatever charge you are facing, you first need to understand that you are given "the presumption", the "presumption of innocence until proven guilty."

We provide legal representation in the following related matters:
Alcohol Crimes
Attempt, Conspiracy and Aiding
Crimes Against the Government
Crimes Against the Person
Cyber Crimes
Drug Charges
Fraud and Financial Crimes
Property Crimes
Public Safety Violations
Sex Crimes

If you have been charged you need to speak to a lawyer as quickly as possible. Sydney residents can call our 24/7 hotline on 02)8866 7655
Family Law
Commencing family proceedings in the courts is often one of the most difficult experiences a family will experience. This is why our lawyers attempt to resolve disputes at the first available opportunity not the last opportunity.

We provide free assessments, and can advise you on a preliminary basis on what we believe to be a reasonable settlement. Our lawyers are able to provide quick and detailed advice.

This is also the case when it comes parenting orders.
Sydney's family lawyers can assist in the following areas: Reaching an agreement without going to court:-
Family Law in Australia
Separation & Divorce
Missing Children
Property & Finance
Court Orders
Family Violence
Child dispute services
About going to court and court processes
Appeals process

Sydney residents can call our 24/7 hotline on 02)8866 7655
Commercial Law
Sydney Lawyers Co provide legal services to individuals from SME to multinational company's. Our team of commercial lawyers are extremely established and diligent in their work. They provide addisatnce in the followings matters:-

Business Sale & Purchase
Data Breach
Insolvency & Restructuring
Commercial Property
Business Agreements
Corporate/ Civil Litigation
Sydney residents can call our 24/7 hotline on 02)8866 7655

Success Rate by area of law

  • Commercial Law88%
  • Criminal Law82%
  • Family Law94%
  • Defamation Law88%
  • Property law88%
  • Personal Injury law91%